Chris Lindgren, Ph.D.

Scholar invested in changing how we understand computer coding as writing with data, and how computational methods open up new inquiries about rhetoric in the world.

About Chris

Me and my best pup, Luna, at Greyson Highlands

I'm an Assistant Professor of Technical Communication & Data Visualization in the English Department at Virginia Tech, where I teach courses in technical communication, literacies, and digital-cultural rhetorics of technology.

My research engages questions that frame computer coding as a culturally dynamic form of writing with data, as opposed to simply a result of automated technology alone. You can learn more about this way of understanding coding through my forthcoming article, 'Writing with data: A study of coding on a data-journalism team," which:

  • Provides an unusual case of a developer on a data-journalism team, processing and analyzing data sets to support journalistic inquiry, rather than widely studied software development;
  • Presents a writing practice framework to guide situated studies that examine how people integrate their historical, social, and technical ideas together through their coding activity; and
  • Offers researchers and practitioners concepts that sensitize us to the relations people develop and coordinate as they write code to write with data.

I am also interested in applying computational social science methods to feminist and anti-racist rhetorical theories, as a means to differently understand social relationships in digital environments. I am currently collaborating on a project that examines Twitter discourse surrounding Trump's plans to build the border wall before, during, and after his administration's zero-tolerance immigration policy that separated children from their families.

You can reach me at or find me on Twitter as @lndgrn.

Here is my CV [PDF] for more information.


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