Chris Lindgren

Chris Lindgren

Professor of Technical Communication and Data Visualization

Virginia Tech

About Me

I’m an Assistant Professor of Technical Communication & Data Visualization in the English Department at Virginia Tech, where I teach courses in technical communication, literacies, and digital-cultural rhetorics of technology.

My research engages questions that frame computer coding as a culturally dynamic form of writing with data, as opposed to simply a result of automated technology alone. You can learn more about this way of understanding coding through my article, ‘Writing with data: A study of coding on a data-journalism team," which:

  • Provides an unusual case of a developer on a data-journalism team, processing and analyzing data sets to support journalistic inquiry, rather than widely studied software development;
  • Presents a writing practice framework to guide situated studies that examine how people integrate their historical, social, and technical ideas together through their coding activity; and
  • Offers researchers and practitioners concepts that sensitize us to the relations people develop and coordinate as they write code to write with data.

I am also interested in applying computational social science methods to feminist and anti-racist rhetorical theories, as a means to differently understand social relationships in digital environments. I am currently collaborating on a project that examines Twitter discourse surrounding Trump’s plans to build the border wall before, during, and after his administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policy that separated children from their families.

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  • computer coding as writing with data
  • critical data studies
  • digital cultural rhetoric
  • coding literacy
  • materiality of writing
  • data processing and analysis

Other Publications

(2020). Visualizing Collaboration through Six Years of Field Data. In Kairos.

Github Repo

(2019). Representing Diversity in Digital Research: Digital Feminist Ethics and Resisting Dominant Normatives. In Proceedings of the Annual Computers & Writing Conference, 2018.

PDF Collection

(2015). Utopian Laptop Initiatives: From Technological Deism to Object-Oriented Rhetoric. In Writing Posthumanism, Posthuman Writing.


Grants & Awards

Center for Humanities Summer Stipend, Funded: $4000

Chris Lindgren. Proximities of white supremacy online: Towards measuring racist discourse to engage content moderation problems

Institute for Advanced Study Grant, Funded: $10,000

Justin Schell, Chris Lindgren, Alison Link, and Jeff Kerzner. CodeWork: Exploring Digital Studies through Code.

Community Projects Award, Funded: $20,000

Kevin Brooks, Brian Slator, and Chris Lindgren. Sugar on a Stick: Establishing a Smart Computing Culture in Fargo


  • 207 Shanks Hall, 181 Turner Street NW, Blacksburg, VA 24061
  • Enter Shanks Hall and take the stairs to Office 207 on Floor 2
  • DM Me