Python 3.x module with search patterns for event-based, community-detected twitter data.


Python 3.x module that isolates keywords from an event-based and custom-grouped textual corpus.

nttc (Name That Twitter Community)

Python 3.x module for processing and analyzing community-detected data.


Python 3.x module that tallies shared URLs within an event-based corpus.

White Liberal Content Formations

This project examines Twitter discourse surrounding Trump's plans to build the border wall before, during, and after his administration's zero-tolerance immigration policy that separated children from their families. It aims at understanding how white, U.S. liberalism is also an expression of white supremacy. Job Locations Map (2012 - 2019)

Viewable map of job locations, based on the data. Dashboard

Dashboard of annual job market data for Rhetoric, Composition, and Technical Communication.