Responding to the Coding Crisis: From Code Year to Computational Literacy

Oct 1, 2015·
Kevin Brooks
Chris A. Lindgren
Chris A. Lindgren
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Lindgren helps a child with a coding project during an open press fair about the after-school program.
In this chapter, Brooks and Lindgren consider how literacy crisis discourses have reinvented themselves in the twenty-first century. Specifically, they consider what roles literacy experts have to play in responding to the coding crisis discourse. Drawing on field data from their after-school coding literacy program for elementary-aged children, they acknowledge their problems and successes, as they avoided both the crisis and salvation rhetoric that dominates the “learn to code” movement..
In Strategic Discourse: The Politics of (New) Literacy Crises
Chris A. Lindgren
Assistant Professor of Technical Communication
My research interests include the rhetorics of data science work, as well as supporting community-engaged and self-determined Indigenous Data Sovereignty.