Representing Diversity in Digital Research: Digital Feminist Ethics and Resisting Dominant Normatives

Apr 27, 2019·
Sweta Baniya
Les Hutchinson
Ashanka Kumari
Kyle Larson
Chris A. Lindgren
Chris A. Lindgren
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In this paper, the authors consider how their engaged practices of feminist ethics have come up against specific dominant normatives. Privileging the experiences of women of color, they question the embodied relationship they have with their research participants, and offer their methodological approaches for addressing ethical challenges that have surfaced through conducting their research in both digital and non-digital spaces and places. Collectively, they collaborate to develop newfound strategies and methodologies for negotiating the often mundane, micro-level moments of friction that prevents intersectional phronesis. Overall, they pitch ethical research practices for digital and non-digital research with diverse subjects of different races, backgrounds, and cultures such that voice(s) are not compromised during research.
In Proceedings of the Annual Computers & Writing Conference, 2018
Chris A. Lindgren
Assistant Professor of Technical Communication
My research interests include the rhetorics of data science work, as well as supporting community-engaged and self-determined Indigenous Data Sovereignty.