Decolonizing Community-engaged Research: Designing CER with Cultural Humility as a Foundational Value

Sep 1, 2023·
Cana Uluak Itchuaqiyaq
Chris A. Lindgren
Chris A. Lindgren
Corina Kramer
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A black and white image of Nalukataq: The caller is directing pullers, their hand feeling the movement of the blanket. The jumper is tossed straight up into the air from a walrus skin blanket in a balanced orientation. Figure by Dylan Paisaq Crosby, courtesy of Aqqaluk Trust.
In this article, we uptake the call for equipping researchers in practicing socially just CER in Indigenous communities through developing a framework for cultural humility in CER. Sparked by our research team’s experience considering the potential of CER to transform and contribute to the needs of both tribal and academic communities, we present cultural humility as a personal precondition for socially just, decolonial CER practice. We use the Inuit cultural practice of nalukataq as a key metaphor to present our framework for cultural humility: listening to the caller, setting your feet, pulling equally, staying in sync.
Communication Design Quarterly