Reckoning with the situatedness of data: Applying stasis to study data-driven settings

Diagram of each project's available data-driven activity, indicating what index and variable combinations were pursued. The solid grey lines with grey dots indicate project trajectories that were not published, while the dashed lines with larger red dots indicate published aspects of the data. The red highlighted regions indicate data involved in the examined situation.


This article applies stasis to analyze the impact of situated decisions on quantitative work. I analyze a sample of situations as a data-journalism team discuss the meaning and use of data, when directly mediated by the data itself. Findings show how questions of quality were central to team discussions of potential story ideas and understanding the data and its potential uses within the scope of the potential story.

Under review at Technical Communication Quarterly
Chris Lindgren
Chris Lindgren
Professor of Technical Communication and Data Visualization

My research interests include the relations created when writing code and theorizing the digital cultural rhetorics of white supremacy in the United States.